-Jerrold Ramiro

Anonymous asked: Half an hour? Lol bakit why is that? Oh and Who did it end up being? :o Btw Dat, I'm totally not jealous. Jerrold's like a Kuya to me, so that's kind of gross.

It was just some random girl who asked about my car. Wasn’t interested at her that’s all.

Anonymous asked: What was the ex like

I’ve been really negligent on answering this and I don’t know why. I’m just going to let this sit here and see whether or not I’ll delete it.

Anonymous asked: How was your little date

Wasn’t much of a date. Just talked for like a half hour.


Is this the first footage of Book 3: Change? Sure looks it. Savvy Korra fan youpje uploaded a commercial from the Netherlands revealing what appears to be snippets of Book 3 interspersed with shots from Book 1 & 2. Korra spirit-bending water by some vine-covered buildings (inside RC?), Korra in an elevator, a shirtless Tenzin airbending, Team Korra standing outside a zeppelin-esque vehicle, and a mysterious figure riding a dragon. Our friends at ATLA: Annotations are convinced that’s Zuko (and Da7e is praying that it’s Zuko, because if the ATLA character doesn’t appear in Book 3, he’s going to rip his goatee out).

It’s all a bit of a tease, but with production well into Book 4, it shouldn’t be too long until sharper looks and a release date announcement are upon us. SDCC is always a good bet.

What do you make of this footage? Talk to us — it’s been awhile.

- Patches